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KEFAPSystems has the most talented technology agents. We have more than 13 years of experiences serving all industry markets in different roles. We have the IT background and the expertise to help your business sustains and grows with the technology.

We stand behind our services. We are in business to make sure that your business is always working and that you are happy serving your customers.

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YesImpact is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, health, and community development to the underprivileged citizens of Haiti. This organization was started August 21, 2015 by the initiative of Jean Kedler Abelard, an American citizen, born in Haiti. Afterwards, the organization was welcomed by co-founders Dieusibon Cidelus and Nahama Azard.


Guerlie Boutique is an online store all about making her customers happy, selling her products at an affordable price to suit everyone. A variety of products to choose from handbags, purses, wallets, shoes, cosmetic products, accessories, clothes for men and women, babies and toddlers as well. Guerlie Boutique is not associated with anyone and if someone is using our name we will take action against them.


Kedler is the founder and executive director of YesImpact, a non-profit organization. He is also a business owner, KEFAPSystems, a computer IT Consulting company. He is an IT Engineer with over 15 years of experience in that field. Kedler grew up learning the importance of having positive people impact his life; therefore, he has first-hand experience.


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