KEFAPSystems: Expertise & Customer Focus

Kedler Abelard

CEO & Founder


YesImpact, KEFAPSystems, LajanPam, and KedlerAbelard all find their visionary leader in Kedler Abelard, who serves as the Founder & Executive Director across these impactful ventures. Kedler is deeply committed to making a positive impact through his multifaceted roles.

At YesImpact, Kedler's dedication to education and support for Haitians and global citizens is evident. Through this non-profit organization, he founded Institution Mixte Jean Kedler (IMJK), a school in Haiti that positively impacted the lives of over 500 children.

As the visionary leader at KEFAPSystems, Kedler has successfully led a global IT consulting firm for over a decade, providing 24/7 multilingual technical support and delivering comprehensive IT solutions to clients worldwide.

Leading LajanPam, Kedler showcases expertise in financial markets, technology trends, and strategic decision-making. His leadership has contributed to the growth and success of the organization.

Additionally, he guides KedlerAbelard, a dynamic platform for sharing knowledge through podcasts, blogs, and YouTube. Establishing the platform as a reputable knowledge-sharing hub, Kedler possesses a unique blend of technical skills, leadership, and creativity.

Fluent in English, French, Creole, and Spanish, Kedler explores the world of technology and innovation as a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to making a profound and positive impact through YesImpact, KEFAPSystems, LajanPam, and KedlerAbelard.