Teleconferencing Etiquette

    Due to COVID-19, the world is adapting to a new way of working and socializing (virtual workspace). Companies and individuals are relying on video conference software and devices to communicate with one another and conduct interviews. While this approach is not new, it is used more today. A virtual workspace requires some education from everyone because many people are using the most popular software such as Zoom, WebEx, and Teams. These software can be installed on your computer or your mobile device.
    I would like to advise on how to use video conferences effectively whether it is for business or personal use. These pieces of advice are free from me, but it could be valued between $300-500 in training.

    • Dress professionally at all times
    • Find a silent spot in your home/office with good background and lighting
      • Location can be a home office
      • Location can be a conference room
      • Location can be outside on a patio
      • Location can be by the beach or the lake
    • Test your microphone and camera settings
    • Put a sign on the door or wall to alert of a video or audio session is in progress so no one disturbs you
    • Charge your devices (laptops, tablets, or cell phone)
    • Put your phone on silent
      • Turn off your notifications to avoid distraction
      • Close unnecessary applications when presenting
    • Put your device on mute when you are not engaging
    • Turn off your camera when needed
    • Avoid the clicking noise from your mouse or keyboard
    • If possible, make the kids play outside or in another room
      • Have an adult supervise the children to avoid distraction
    • Have a notebook and pen to take notes
    • Check your calendar and pay attention to Time Zones
    • Turn off your TV and game devices if the video or audio is buffering
    • Take a break during long hours of work
      • Stand up during a talk
      • Go outside for a walk
    • Always have a secondary means of communication for backup
      • Having a dual screen is a big advantage
    • Contact your IT expert on training about the video software and features existed that you will be using for your teleconference
      • Request assistance to install software on your devices
      • Request assistance to set up a meeting
      • Request assistance for calendar integration

    If you find this resource useful, feel free to share it with whoever you believe will benefit from it.

    Jean Kedler Abelard
    Jean Kedler Abelard
    Father, Follower of Jesus, IT Expert. Founder & Executive Director of YesImpact & CEO of KEFAPSystems.

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